Scale AWS 1kg
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Scale AWS 1kg

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The AWS 1kg scale is an ideal pocket scale for the coffee enthusiast. Perfect for measuring shot weight or even to make your pour over with. It has 0.1g accucracy and a capacity of 1kg. The capacity restarts after taring - we have tested the scale up to 1.8 kg total weight.

This scale is recommended by world renowned coffee guru, Scott Rao as per the extract below.


I’ve been using this scale for over ten years both at home and for travel. It’s tiny, light, cheap ($11 USD), and durable. It’s frankly a more reliable scale than most of the semi-disposable $40—$80 scales baristas use in cafes. The AWS is not waterproof, but I’ve poured plenty of espresso and water on it over the years and somehow it keeps on ticking.

You can go to his blog to check it out as well as other cool gifts he recommends.