Burundi Kavugangoma Coffee
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Burundi Kavugangoma Coffee

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Burundi Kavugangoma Lot 2056 scored 89/100 on the SCAA cupping score.

This is an amazing coffee bursting with complex fruit flavours & sweetness. It has an lovely mouthfeel and lasting finish. This coffee is roasted to a light/medium roast about 8 deg C before 2nd crack.

The Kavugangoma washing station has many special stories. The owner, Richard Kaderi left Burundi when the war started and came to South-Africa and went to school here and then studied furthr in the USA. He returned to Burundi after the war and started to build the Kavugangoma washing station. This washing station has a close to zero carbon footprint. Water is fed by gravity to the washing station and is cleaned and filtered after use. Power is provided by Solar energy. All latrines are of a special environmentally friendly type and uses no water.

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