Cuba Serrano Lavado
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Cuba Serrano Lavado

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For over 200 years, Cuba has grown the finest varieties of coffee beans and has perfected the growing and processing techniques to bring out the now-famous Cuban coffee flavour. Every batch can be traced to a single plant introduced by Jose Antonio Gelabert in 1748, and the methods of cultivation have changed little in the years since.

Coffee is produced in Sierra Maestra and handpicked due to steep slopes and grows on vertisols/ leptosol soil.

Variety:  Typica

Altitude:  1000 – 2000 m.a.s.l.

Process:  Fully Washed

Cup Profile:  nutty, cocoa, tobacco

Cuban is characteristically clean tasting and medium to full-bodied with a lush smoky flavour. The Serrano is a superb rich and traditional full-bodied coffee.  You can savour the nuttiness of this coffee. There is a background smokiness that can be attributed to sandalwood or tobacco.

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