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Congo Kivu 4 Lake Domane Katale

Congo Kivu 4 Lake Domane Katale

  • R 9000

This amazing coffee has Berry like flavours, Juicy Citrus and a milk chocolate finish.

Great for all coffees but milk does enhance the chocolate finish.


This fine Arabica coffee hails from a small farm in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The farm,
Domaine de Katale, was nearly destroyed in the 1990s due to a devastating mix of volcanic eruptions
and a gruesome civil war. The final blow for this beautiful farm came when the then-owner’s small
plane crashed into Lake Kivu and following tragedy the farm was neglected.
The resurgence of Domaine de Katale in recent years is a great economic boost to the villages and
people of the surrounding area. Domaine de Katale’s location is perfect for growing extraordinary
coffee. The road to Katale passes the mighty Nyirangango volcano whose nutrient rich lava fields
create a wonderfully nourished soil for prime coffee production. Last year Katale won the East
African cup of Excellence.

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